South Abingdon Sports Initiative (SASI)

SASI, the South Abingdon Sports Initiative, is a joint action group formed to improve the facilities and to encourage more sports participation in the Southern Town Park.

The parties represented in SASI are the Abingdon Rugby Club, the Abingdon Youth Football Club,and the Abingdon Lawn Tennis Club, all based in Southern Town Park, Abingdon.

For further information about SASI please contact James Eastwood (email:

The initial aims of SASI are to refurbish and extend the sports facilities in Southern Town Park, and to make our Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) more accessible to people of all ages who want to participate in sports.

As part of our commitment to excellence we aim to get the Sports England's CLUBMARK for our respective clubs.

The Southern Town Park has for many years been the focus for tennis, rugby, football and general recreation. Much of the park is built on reclaimed land, and subsidence has become an issue in that it has led to the loss of one rugby pitch, it has restricted the layout of football pitches and is causing problems in the car parking areas.

All three clubs have healthy memberships, and between them have about 1000 members. They have active programs to encourage sports participation for people of all ages. SASI was born because the clubs recognise the need to invest to proteect the long term future of sports and sports facilities for the benefit of South Oxfordshire residents.